Episode 22: Your Dream Body with Felicia Broccolo

Dream Body

“You are not happier when you are skinnier.” Felicia Broccolo

In today’s episode, Kit talks with one of her coaches, Felicia Broccolo, a certified life and weight coach.

Kit and Felicia discuss the negative sides of food restrictions and how to have a dream body and dream life while maintaining it fun and joyful!

Particularly, you will learn what inspired Felicia to become a weight coach, how Thought Model helped her to work towards her dream body, how she succeeded to keep the strict diet during bikini competition that she attended, and ultimately to reach her dream body while keeping the process enjoyable!

In addition, you will find out everything you need to know about Kit’s upcoming 5-Day Spring Reset that will help you to stay grounded, focused, and have fun during the Coronavirus pandemic.

What you will hear in this episode:

  • 0:45 – What you can expect from today’s episode
  • 2:14 – How to get in touch with Felicia
  • 2:30 – A 5-day Spring Reset that Kit prepared in the light of the current pandemic
  • 4:47 – Who is Felicia
  • 5:40 – Felicia’s key life moments that motivated her to become a life & weight loss coach
  • 9:59 – How Thought Model helped Felicia to work towards her dream body
  • 12:27 – How Felicia was motivated to apply for bikini competition and
  • 13:42 – A BIG truth that she learned after reaching her dream body
  • 14:46 – How our guest stuck to the plan and kept her strict diet during bikini competition
  • 22:26 – How to have a dream body and have fun as well
  • 29:32 – Felicia’s advice to all the listeners who struggle with overeating
  • 34:29 – Her 12% of pleasure

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