Episode 32: Joy and Intuition with Gyan Gurung

Joy and Intuition

In today’s episode our host, Kit, chats with Gyan Gurung, also an inner voice facilitator. In fact, Kit and Gyan were in the same graduating class with Jess Lively.

Gyan is a Nepalese born, UK based, and an ex-math teacher, whose life turned around when he heard and followed his inner voice. He took the path of joy and happiness instead of what he was facing, and it led him to photography and coaching.

Tune in and you will hear how crying in the bathroom has transformed Gyan’s life, how he learned to find joy and listen to his intuition, how much freedom camera lenses offer, why it is important to disregard people’s expectations, and listen to your intuition.

Kit and Gyan have many things in common, humor and chemistry are among those, as you will witness by listening to this podcast.

Gyan has a special offer for podcast listeners, so don’t miss it!

What you will hear in this episode:

  • 02:40 Gyan’s background
  • 10:21 How did Gyan decide to quit his job?
  • 13:20 Gyan’s path to happiness
  • 18:58 What joy feels like according to Gyan
  • 23:27 What being a photographer means to him
  • 28:30 Common misconceptions about inner voice and what it really is
  • 29:48 How Gyan helps people to get comfortable in front of a camera
  • 33:19 What are the benefits of being an authentic self?
  • 38:51 Differences between Thai and Nepalese culture
  • 39:50 Why you should listen to your intuition when it comes to food
  • 45:50 How Gyan helps people with their inner voice and intuition
  • 48:06 How to get in touch with Gyan
  • 49:30 Gyan’s £88 off special offer and how to get it

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