Episode 10: Healthiest 2020 Part 2

healthiest 2020

“How are you going to add something to your life, so that you can achieve your weight loss goal?” Kit Yoon

In this week’s episode, we are continuing the Healthiest 2020, a 2-part series, in which, our host, Kit Yoon reveals how to set and reach your healthiest goal in the upcoming year.

Particularly, you will learn why you should add something to your life in order to achieve your intentions, what are “4 Cs” and KISS strategies, and why you should make your work towards a healthier version of you a fun journey!

Besides, find out how you can share your goal with Kit and how Kit can help you achieve your healthiest 2020.

What you will hear in this episode:

  • 00:45 – Why you should listen first to the previous episode if you didn’t
  • 2:11 – Why you want to solely listen to this episode without distraction
  • 3:54 – Setting up the time limit on Instagram
  • 6:31 – Brief of the second part of the exercise
  • 10:01 – What is YOUR goal that will help you live your healthiest year?
  • 10:58 – Kit’s tip on a goal setting
  • 15:46 – The “4 Cs” strategy and for what it stands for
  • 19:19 – KISS strategy and what it means
  • 19:46 – How you can make getting healthy more fun
  • 20:42 – Kit’s goal to live the healthiest 2020 and how she will use the “4 Cs” strategy to reach it
  • 25:34 – How she will practice KISS strategy and make the whole process more fun
  • 27:06 – How you can share your goal with Kit
  • 27:19 – How Kit can help you in achieving your healthiest 2020
  • 28:00 – If you enjoy the podcast, share and rate us! Thanks!
  • 28:56 – A sneak peek of the next episode

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