Episode 42: Julie Kim and Passion Project

passion project

In today’s episode Kit brings on one of her private clients, Julie Kim. Julie is a college consultant coach specialized in helping high school students reach their goals and get into their dream colleges.

It’s a conversation full of mutual respect as Julie guides us through her framework of creating a Passion Project.

She underlines the importance of transformative education and emphasizes finding our true passion as a priority.

Julie also shares what it’s like to work with Kit, and how the coaching has transformed her personal and professional life.

What you will hear in this episode:

  • 01:15 How to rate and review the podcast
  • 03:50 Why today’s episode is super special
  • 07:25 Julie’s story
  • 18:46 What is Passion Project?
  • 26:34 How Passion Project can be applied to adults
  • 29:22 What did Julie gain from Kit’s coaching?
  • 33:01 How Julie found out who she really is
  • 42:10 How to find Julie online

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