BONUS: Mindful Eating for the Holidays with Xenia Ayiotis

Mindful Eating

In today’s special episode, Kit talks to her personal mindful eating coach. This conversation between two inspirational women is full of warmth, pieces of advice, and understanding that will help you cope with any eating and food challenges during holidays.

Tune in to this perfectly timed podcast and hear out Xenia’s personal story that led her towards mindful eating, helped her overcome peer pressure, and inspired her to become a health coach.

You will learn how to approach food differently, especially during the holidays, how to respect your body, and how to honor the habit of emotional eating.

What you will hear in this episode:

  • 01:25 – What is today’s episode about
  • 05:45 – Xenia’s background with intuitive eating
  • 14:22 – Why usually weight is not the problem
  • 17:31 – Why dieting is a predictor of weight gain
  • 19:55 – Main difference between mindful eating and intuitive eating
  • 24:19 – Different types of hunger
  • 31:31 – Definition of mindfulness
  • 37:38 – How to balance holiday meals
  • 42:37 – How to approach holidays and food differently
  • 49:56 – How to be OK with ourselves
  • 56:05 – Xenia’s discount coupon for her course

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