Episode 19: Take a Break from Drinking with Rachel Hart


“Drinking is not the substance or the activity; it’s why you are doing it, and it’s the results that you get afterward.” Rachel Hart

In today’s episode, Kit is joined with Rachel Hart, a life coach and a podcaster who helps women to take a break from drinking.

Kit and Rachel discuss how overeating and overdrinking are pretty much the same thing and how these practices are tightly linked with perfectionism.

Particularly, you will find out more about Rachel’s background, when and how she started drinking, how challenging it was to break this habit, and how she ultimately solved the issue.

You will also learn why overdrinking is so ubiquitous and hard to manage; how Thought Model can help you in solving this unhealthy habit for good.

In addition, you will find out more about Kit’s 88% Mindful membership on being mindful without being perfect and Rachel’s 30-day program on how to take a break from drinking.

What you will hear in this episode:

  • 0:45 – What Kit’s excited about
  • 2:57 – What you can expect from today’s episode
  • 5:11 – Who Rachel Hart is
  • 8:14 – When Rachel started drinking and why
  • 13:45 – How a break from drinking affected Rachel’s social life in her twenties and
  • 19:06 – How she solved the issue
  • 23:27 – Why overdrinking is so frequent and hard to change
  • 31:58 – How overdrinking is related to perfectionism and the Thought Model
  • 42:49 – Why we deflect our worth and intelligence
  • 46:29 – Rachael’s 30-day program on how to take a break from drinking
  • 50:27 – How you can get in touch with Rachael

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