Bonus 4: Reasons Thailand Has Done So Well During the Pandemic

Thailand Pandemic

Today’s bonus episode, Kit interviews Pisan Manawapat, former Thai ambassador to the United States and current official in the government of his country. Thailand had the first registered coronavirus case outside of China, and yet, they managed to keep their numbers of infections and deaths exceptionally low.

Find out how they handle the situation. What were some key actions they took to stop the spread of the virus? How does the country help those in need?

What you will hear in this episode:

  • 00:51 Reminder about the other bonus episodes
  • 02:53 Who today’s guest is
  • 05:02 Pisan Manawapat’s background
  • 11:55 Coronavirus statistics in Thailand
  • 17:32 Why is Thailand doing so well?
  • 25:01 How did the history and national identity of Thailand helped its society during the pandemic?
  • 33:04 How does the Thai government help unemployed citizens?
  • 43:41 Guest’s advice for us on how to deal with COVID

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