Episode 54: 2020 Reflections

2020 reflections

Happy Winter Solstice! Kit reflects back on 2020 and wants you to do the same, in this episode.

Listen to what her take aways are, how she guides herself through the exercise of being still, looking back, and welcoming what is happening now.

Find out how the year behind us changed the meaning of the word health forever! Learn how to stay grateful, healthy, and clear even in difficult times.

Check out what she has in store for the last episode of the year.


What you will hear in this episode:

00:54 – Why today is a very special day astronomically and astrologically

03:27 – Kit’s three main takeaways from 2020

09:48 – How to feel better

11:20 – Where are you now?

13:53 – How does Kit feel?

18:23 – What next episode is going to be about

21:15 – Kit’s Christmas wishes


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