Episode 23: Intuitive Eating with Simi Botic

intuitive eating

“Weight is not a behavior and BMI is not a proper indicator of health.” Simi Botic

In today’s episode, Kit talks to Simi Botic, an intuitive eating counselor, and a barre instructor who helps women all over the world ditch perfection and heal their relationships with food and body image.

Kit and Simi discuss intuitive eating & living and how dieting, perfectionism, and a need for outside validation is more damaging than beneficial for our health.

You will learn about Simi’s background and why she decided to visit a health coach; what is intuitive eating, what it means to reject the diet culture, how to exercise with joy, and much more!

Last but not least, join Kit’s FREE 5-Day Spring Reset that starts today and practice intuitive eating and living during these challenging times!

What you will hear in this episode:

  • 0:45 – A Buddhist wisdom and the 3 points that will help you to handle the current crisis
  • 7:34 – Today’s episode in a nutshell
  • 9:01 – Find out how to join Kit’s FREE 5-day Spring Reset right now!
  • 10:12 – Who is Simi Botic
  • 13:16 – Why she reached to a health coach
  • 20:56 – What is intuitive eating
  • 26:46 – Books suggestions and the principle of rejecting the diet culture
  • 31:11 – Why BMI is not an accurate indicator of health
  • 40:12 – How to exercise with joy
  • 46:53 – Simi’s daily routine that makes her grounded and prepared for the day
  • 49:31 – How you can connect with our guest

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