Episode 25: Challenges, New Identify & Yoga with Taylor Hunt

Yoga with Taylor Hunt

“We choose a lot of times suffering instead of choosing faith.” Taylor Hunt

Today, Kit is pleased to host Taylor Hunt, an Ashtanga Yoga teacher, a founder of Trini Foundation charity, the author of the book, “A Way from Darkness”, and Kit’s former acupuncture patient.

Taylor shares his personal story from addiction to health & spirituality and what challenges he had to take to start a new life.

You will find out how yoga tremendously helped him during his rehab process, why it is so hard to change (& what to do about it), what self-compassion is and why it is crucial for personal growth, what Ashtanga Yoga is, why it chose Taylor, and so much more.

What you will hear in this episode:

  • 01:28 – Who is today’s guest?
  • 6:11 – Taylor’s way from darkness
  • 13:32 – His first yoga class and
  • 19:37 – When he really got motivated to keep practicing it
  • 23:17 – Why it is so hard for us to change, even if it’s something small
  • 27:11 – What self-compassion is and why it is crucial for our personal growth
  • 32:10 – What advice Taylor has for all the people that are afraid to make a change
  • 38:21 – What Ashtanga Yoga is and why it chose Tyler
  • 41:23 – What’s next for our guest
  • 45:45 – All you need to know about Taylor’s charity, Trini Foundation
  • 47:57 – How Taylor’s morning routine looks like
  • 50:14 – How you can get in touch with Taylor and find out more about his book

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