Episode 39: Is it Time to Press the RESET Button

reset button

September is a time of change. The seasons alternate, the scenery is shifting towards new, warmer colors, the kids are going back to school. Same as nature, our body is in a constant need of change.

Tune in to today’s episode and find out what a reset is. Our host, Kit, will teach us how to determine what type of reset our body and mind need, how to overcome the conflict between mind and intuition, and how to differentiate restriction from prescription. She will underline the importance of being patient, compassionate, and forgiving towards others, as long as we are grateful to ourselves.

Kit also talks about the recent Reset she did for herself and the reasons why she did it.

What you will hear in this episode:

  • 01:03 How does the season’s change affects us?
  • 04:04 Why is it OK to feel bad right now
  • 06:39 In which episode you will learn to get in touch with your intuition
  • 06:59 When it is the time to press the RESET button
  • 08:23 What is a Reset?
  • 13:50 Difference between restriction and prescription
  • 16:07 Kitchari cleanse and how to learn more about it
  • 17:50 Types of reset
  • 21:52 How a RESET can be done successfully

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