A New Way for New Year’s Resolutions

How’s your 2022 treating you so far?

Did you make any resolutions?

Did you plan to make 2022 the best year ever?

I used to have those aspirations, and still do to some extent. I’ve always liked the feelings that a new beginning offers: spacious, excitement, fun – the feelings of new possibilities.

But having done the new year thing for a few decades now, I never find myself at the end of any year saying – well, well…that happened exactly as I had planned! I DID IT! That WAS the BEST year ever!

What I find myself saying / thinking instead goes something like this:

  • How did the year already happen?
  • What did I actually do?
  • What exactly did I want to achieve again?
  • That was too fast!
  • Oh well, I’ll get it done this coming year…

So at the end of 2021, somewhere during a hike in the California redwoods, I promised myself something different.

I want to approach resolutions differently. Moving forward, I plan to:

  • enjoy the feelings that making resolutions give me in the moment.
  • create smaller, doable changes that are attainable long term, not just for the year.
  • do it from a place of self-care instead of self punishment.
  • access the inner coach more often than the inner critic.

My word for 2022 is THRIVE.

Along with that word, I wanted a resolution that will make me feel more energized physically and at peace emotionally. Something that will help me feel good physically proud of myself emotionally. I want to create more Qi flow and less Qi stagnation.

Naturally, too many options floated around in my mind. To end the chatter, I tapped into my intuition and asked it for the ONE resolution that would make the most impact in my life.

Break up with that sweet tooth, said my inner voice.

My mind didn’t want to hear that. It’s tried before. Many times. It’s also very stuck in the identity of me being a sweet tooth, someone who loves treats, an intuitive eater who permits herself to eat whatever she wants.

With hesitation and reluctance, I asked the inner voice for more guidance. Why? What does it look like? How?

It’s not all or nothing. Just eat less sugar, she said.

I’ve had a complicated relationship with sugar over the years, truly. I’ve written about it in different ways, including this blog post. I’ve done many challenges, taken many breaks of sweets (you may have joined me in these endeavors in the past!).

The truth is, I actually don’t like myself or how I feel when I allow the sweet stuff control me. My body never asks for it – it’s my mind that’s been programmed to want it, and want more of it partly because of this life long identity of being a “sweet-tooth.”

Like most people, I hate the restrictions and deprivation cycle. Even the thought of letting go of sweets makes my skin crawl.

Do the 88%, nudged the inner voice.

Ohhhhh… right. 88%!! That’s when a huge sense of relief came over me. Of course, 88% perfect is all we have to do. Not all or nothing. Not black or white.

Just eat less sugar, 88% perfectly.

What is this 88% business? I talked about it here!

With the permission to achieve more than good enough, I got super excited about this resolution. I may have skipped among the redwoods!
Every part of me is in agreement – it was that sense of alignment. It feels doable. It feels realistic. It feels like fun.
Most importantly, I know that this resolution will absolutely help me THRIVE!

What about you? Who do you listen to when you make resolutions?

Is it your mind, your body, or your inner knowing?

Is your resolution coming from a place of “should” or “want”?

Are you making it realistic or impossible?

Before I learned that I have an inner compass with a trusting voice, my resolutions were just fun to make, but not easy or doable. That’s why resolutions in the past never stuck for me. If anything, they just fueled my inner critic that happily pointed out all of my flaws.

They were like weapons for self destruction – NOT fun!

If you want to access your own inner knowing (yes, you have it, too), and create a resolution from a genuine place that you will be excited about, I’ve opened up some free mini sessions for you to discover that voice!

You can book a free mini session here!

And if “just eat less sugar” is also something you want to work on, let me know! I’m so excited to finally be on this journey, and I would love to have you along for the ride!

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