Resources for the Holidays

I am signing off later today to spend the rest of the year unplugging, and… attempting to relax and unwind.

To be completely transparent – I don’t really want to relax and unwind. 😆

I like to be productive and creative – and plugged in.

Being productive and creative and plugged in actually makes me feel “relaxed” because I like the results I get. My mind likes the outcome because I am wired to equate productivity with peace. Isn’t that crazy?

All of this with everything I know about balance, and how to best take care of myself! Thankfully, my intuition is intact and it’s nudging me to slow down, unplug, just be.

My body is also telling me that it needs rest.

Our being is no different than pieces of technology we own – they need to occasionally be turned off, updated, and rebooted to work smoothly again.

Before I unplug myself, I wanted to share some resources from my podcast that may be helpful for you during this last week of the year. They come in especially handy if you are traveling. You may find extra time in the car, on planes or on foot.

I hope you get to enjoy these juicy episodes with my incredible guests!

The podcast is on a permanent pause at the moment, but the episodes will live forever! Here are some notable ones I think you may like:


Mindful eating during the holidays

Take a break from drinking

Authentic Health with Intuitive Eating 


Future Self

Clear Clutter

Strengthen your body


Atomic Habits

Change your Perception Change your Life

Wisdom from my family 


Less Stress More Energy

Trust and Healing

Chinese Medicine for Everyday

Are you unplugging? What does that look like for you?

I’m already looking forward to more productivity and creativity to help you feel better in the new year.

If you’d like to hang out with me more regularly, here are some ways to do so:

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Until next year, I am sending you lots of healthy and healing wishes this holiday season!




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