Returning to the nest: Intuition Facilitation

kit yoon

During the Pandemic Lockdown of 2020, I had no choice but to pause everything that deemed normal, and dig deep.

You can say, my intuition guided me to discover, learn and tap into itself.

What am I talking about?

Let me explain.

Before the pandemic, I had signed up for two different virtual continuing education programs: Intuitive Eating Counselor Certification and Inner-voice Facilitation Training.

They were each going to begin in late March, early April of 2020.

I planned to go through the courses while doing my regular life and work. But as it turned out, the world shut down and I had all the time and attention to focus on these courses.

I had no excuse, but to practice these new found skills.

I practiced a lot, and often!

It was unintentional, but taking the two courses that complementary each other concurrently gave me such a unique gift. I was able to connect my mind and body in a deeper, more meaningful way than ever before.

For the first time, I could intentionally distinguish between mind chatter, body wisdom, and the inner knowing.

I became the observer of my own thinking.

I used my inner voice to genuinely eat intuitively.

The skills of connecting, listening, and trusting my intuition also served me well during an unprecedented time of fear, anxiety and uncertainty.

Instead of being afraid and anxious, I learned to tap into that inner knowing to find calm and peace.

Needless to say, I am grateful for the right thing happening at the right time.

The cliche is true: the teacher appears when the student is ready!

I’ve used these intuitive skills to help myself through personal challenges, gain clarity, change habits and beliefs in ways I was not able to before.

I also find it very comforting to know that I have all the answers within me.

I often write or talk to my inner voice, Sage, for guidance when needed. Sometimes when I am quiet enough, she will just talk to me.

Do you hear, listen to, or trust that inner wisdom?

Integrating intuition facilitation into my mind-body coaching practice has changed my practice in massive ways. My clients get better results; they gain more clarity, create transformations in ways they could not imagine.

It’s a no brainer – trusting our gut really pays off!

If there is one silver lining in the pandemic, for me it was the re-connection I made with my intuition.

In turn and happily so, I get to help facilitate others, like you, to do the same.


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