Unleashing Chinese Medicine Secrets

I was a Biology major in college, with a pinky toe in the vast pool of pre-meds during Freshman year. I didn’t feel like I belonged.

It was helpful that I was already dating my now husband who was just navigating his way through medical school at that time. I got to witness, first hand, what life was like as a medical student.

“I’m glad you like it because I don’t think I will,” I remember telling him a couple of years into his schooling and my college career.

It was not in the plan for me to study Chinese medicine at that point. I wasn’t aware of it, honestly, until I needed help with some health issues that conventional medicine was not able to address.

One dark grey and cold winter in Maine where we were living at that time, I scheduled myself an acupuncture appointment.

Several treatments, some herbs and lifestyle changes later, I was hooked. My symptoms subsided almost completely without any medications. I had to learn more about this modality!

The first month or two of studying Chinese medicine, my brain was so confused. Everything I learned about the human body and physiology had to be tossed out the window. This 5,000 year old medicine had a completely different paradigm that works beautifully within itself. But it took time to learn and understand the principles and concepts that are foundational in the efficacy of this ancient medicine.

Throughout the four years of studies, and a couple decades of practicing, the same concepts and principles dominate how I help people heal. Because they are so fundamental, however, I often overlook their existence!

In an effort to consolidate everything I have learned over the years, I want to unleash some of the “secrets” that make Chinese medicine so powerful after all these millennia.

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This facebook event will take place on December 14, 15 & 16 at 12:30 EST.

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