Sugar Reset with Chinese Medicine

sugar reset

Sweets and treats can definitely make life a little more fun, right?


But too much of any “good” thing can tip over the fun. In fact, it can sometimes make life downright terrible.

Sugar is unfortunately one of those things.

The history of sugar goes way back in human history. It used to be some of the most coveted commodities as it was rare and expensive and very useful in preserving food before the age of refrigeration and non-perishable goods.

That is no longer the case. On the contrary, sugar is here, there and everywhere these days whether we want it or not.

American adults consume an average of 77 grams of sugar per day – more than 3 times the recommended amount in a healthy person!

Overconsumption of sugary foods and drinks taxes our body in so many ways. Unmanaged, some people can develop health conditions that are unpleasant to deal with: from diabetes to cancer, heart, kidney and liver disease.

If possible, (and it is) we need to reconsider our behaviors around sweet, sugary foods, if we want to prevent any undesirable health outcomes.

Sugar itself is actually not the culprit. It’s overconsumption of sugar that we need to address. 

According to Chinese Medicine, good health requires that we include all the 5 tastes in our diet: sour, salty, sweet, bitter and pungent.

Each of these tastes is associated with an element in the Five Element theory.

Sweet is the taste that belongs to the Earth element.

Because Chinese medicine originated long ago – way before sugar is the way it is processed and used today – the sweet taste refers to foods that are naturally sweet like fruits and vegetables.

These foods are thought to be nourishing to the digestive system and harmonizing the earth element when consumed in moderation.

Too much sugar, on the contrary, weakens and disrupts these systems. You may experience what we call “dampness” and “phlegm” if you eat too many sweets consistently.

You may get diagnosed with “Spleen Qi deficiency” by your acupuncturist. This may look like lethargy, slow metabolism, bloating, IBS symptoms, foggy brain, PMS and more. It can even show up emotionally as anxiety and depression.

What to do? How to find that gentle balance of just enough sweets for your well balanced Earth element?

What I know to be true is: we can’t just say, stop eating sugar! That is unrealistic for most people.

For a proper reset, we have to tackle it from all directions.

We have to address the thinking mind to reframe the beliefs and habits around sweets.

We also have to create realistic goals and a friendly inner and outer environment for a successful reset!

kit yoon

That’s why you need the upcoming Sugar Reset that will integrate everything in one session:



WHAT: A workshop to manage, tame and reframe your sweet tooth. An effective combination Acupuncture + Hypnosis session is included!

WHEN: Sunday, May 7th from 3-4:30pm

WHERE: Urban Acupuncture Center

HOW MUCH: $111 per person

HOW TO SIGN UP: This link

If you are frustrated with your relationship and behaviors around sweet things, want to work on it from a holistic angle, this Sugar Reset is created just for you.


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