Summer Reset: No Sugar Challenge


Oh, Sugar!

A lot of us have a complicated relationship with sugar.

Do you?

I used to consider myself one of them – and sometimes still do.

I used to identify myself around sugar… “I have a sweet-tooth” was a common belief.

Do you know that’s a choice we can make – how we identify ourselves around sugar?

Here’s the thing about sugar: it’s just sugar. It has no power over us unless we assign it that responsibility.

Sugar is really just molecules that come in all different forms – some natural, some created by humans – with dozens of different names as seen below:


The body needs sugar for energy, but it is capable of extracting sugar from most whole foods. We never need to feed it direct, pure sugar (simple carbs).

In small amounts, sugar is not a problem. In fact, a little sugar here can help elevate dishes, and yes, give us pleasure. 

What’s problematic is how much sugar is added and hidden in foods we consume, especially the processed ones. We have become dependent on sugar for quick dopamine hits which supply our brain a very short-lived euphoria.

The more sugar we eat, the more sugar we want.

Most of us get way more sugar than we need. Excess sugar in the body creates several challenges, from obesity to chronic health conditions.

So for 5 days during our Summer Reset, we will eliminate simple sugars to reset the body, and reframe our mind. 

*Important: This Reset is not a cleanse, or a diet, or deprivation.*

It’s a choice you are making for yourself.

Your body will be just fine. In fact, it will thank you.

Your mind, however, will need supervision. It will require that you learn to allow sweet cravings, sugar urges, and mini tantrums.

That’s why I am offering this Reset, complete with tips and tools to help you along the way. It’s more fun to do it together!


Ready to go sugar-free for 5-days?

Join me and my community!

It’s entirely free and can be done from anywhere in the world.



Ready to move forward in your health and wellness journey? Contact me today! I look forward to hearing from you.

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