Sweet Summer Reset: Less Sugar, More Qi

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In one of Ted Lasso episodes, possibly my favorite show ever, Ted attempted to share his coveted shortbread biscuits with the Sports psychologist, Dr. Sharon, to welcome her to the team.

To his surprise (because his boss, Rebecca, always receives the cookies with delight), Dr. Sharon politely declined.

“I don’t eat sugar,” she reasoned as she attempted to give the biscuits back to Ted.

“Oh really, wow! I’m the same way with video games… It’s something in my life that I enjoy, but then I pretend that preventing myself from having them will somehow make my life better.

But in reality, all I am doing is depriving myself from something that makes me happy instead of attempting to adjust my relationship to it.”


How right he is!

I have been Dr. Sharon in the past – many times! 

Have you?

There are still days when I wish I didn’t want to have something sweet on a daily basis; days when I wish I didn’t have a sweet tooth at all.

Yet, in reality, being a sweet tooth can bring me a lot of joy.

Having too many sweets for me, however, often results in LESS joy.

And every time I try to be extreme around sugar, I end up consuming more sugar than I would normally do.

During those times and attempts, I inevitably feel out of control, undisciplined and defeated.

Yes, I’ve had my fair share of a complicated relationship with sweets!

Past experience has led me to this current place in life: I no longer want to be black / white with sweet things. 

I like them: brownies, cookies, cakes, crisps and crumbles.

I love to eat them AND bake them.

I don’t want to make them a problem.

What I find as I get older with a changing body, however, is that too much processed sweet foods can make me feel lethargic, bloated, puffy and slow. They seem to make my achy joints more achy. They disrupt my concentration during the day, and sleep during the night.

So, what used to bring me joy before, during and after eating just doesn’t give me quite the same results now.

This is more prevalent in the summer with more family time, vacation days, and… there’s just a lot of ice cream in the summer!

In Chinese medicine, Summer is the season of the Heart organ system. This is when the body wants cooling, light foods; it wants more playtime for the body, creativity for the mind; it wants us to experience true joy instead of over indulgence.

Sweet foods are heavy and dampness producing. They weigh our energy down physically and emotionally. It is not the time of year to eat anything excessively, especially sweet things.

When I was thinking about offering a seasonal reset for the summer, it was clear that I wanted to focus on eating less sugar to gain more Qi for myself, and fellow Sweet Tooths.

In addition, there were several people who wanted to participate in the sold out Sugar Reset last time.

Here is your chance if you’ve been waiting for it!

The difference between this Reset and the last one is that we will practice eating less sugar together all week long!

We will take Ted Lasso’s advice in “adjusting our relationship to sugar” instead of avoiding it altogether.

I know for sure that this IS the way to move forward as someone who loves sweet treats AND wants to honor our physical and emotional health.

We will meet in person at Urban Acupuncture Center on the first day, July 9th to gather the “Reset Tool Kit” including acupuncture, hypnosis & tapping.

In the week that follows, you will receive full support from me and the accountability from the group.

Interested and intrigued? Keep reading for more details below:



⭕️ July 9 in person at Urban Acupuncture from 3-5pm when you will receive:


⭕️ July 10-16 online with videos, zoom calls, email support


⭕️ $222 per person


This Reset is for you if you want to:

⭕️ eat less sugar, gain more energy

⭕️ practice using tools that promote long term success

⭕️ have continuous support & accountability all week long

⭕️ enjoy just enough sweet treats while honoring your health


USE CODE “SWEETRESET10” to get 10% off. This offer ends on July 2!


I look forward to spending a week of Sweet Summer Reset with you!

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