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Zucchini Bread

The wonderful thing about all of it is that… this relationship is designed, decided, and controlled by me and only me! The baked goods have no say, nor should they. Sweet or sour, I get to be in charge. 


Intuitive Eating Journey: Intention

Even though we were all born intuitive eaters, we were not all raised intuitive eaters. The body may know and remember, but our mind has to practice being intuitive again.


Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is relatively new in my repertoire, and I was not always a fan. But I am all about easy, simple things I can make myself with what I have on hand. 

Intuitive tuesday reality

Intuitive Tuesday | Reality

One of my favorite teachers I learn from is Byron Katie. Her words ring true, and need to be remembered on a regular basis: When we fight with reality, we always lose.


Intuitive Eating Journey: Weight Loss

When I was accidentally dieting (because I seriously didn’t know it – most people don’t), I would think about what foods will help me lose weight, how much I should eat to lose weight, when to eat so I lose weight, etc. 


Feel Better Now!

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