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Kitchari Cleanse Part 2

Half way through the cleanse, things started to change. The fog of no coffee lifted. My mind started to calm down as it began to see the benefits of the reset. 

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Zucchini Bread

The wonderful thing about all of it is that… this relationship is designed, decided, and controlled by me and only me! The baked goods have no say, nor should they. Sweet or sour, I get to be in charge. 


Intuitive Tuesday: Letting Go

I’m enjoying the reframe of doing something that I WANT to and not HAVE to. I love trusting my own body’s signals and practicing trusting my intuition.


Salmon Curry with Summer Vegetables

I pretty much grabbed whatever vegetables I had, thawed the salmon, mixed some curry paste (leftover) with coconut milk… and voila, a dish that’s actually worth sharing with your friends!


Intuitive Tuesday | JULY 28

I woke up with a sore throat last week. I spent an hour watching my mind and my intuition have quite a feud. It went like this:


Feel Better Now!

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