Taking an August Break


Truth: I don’t really know how to rest. 

I don’t like to sleep in.

I don’t read for fun.

I hate playing games.

I don’t go on vacation without doing some work.

I often associate rest time with a waste of time.


Most likely it’s because of these two beliefs I have.

  • I don’t know how to relax. 
  • I feel better when I am productive. 

Where I got these beliefs, I don’t know exactly.

They probably come from my upbringing, my culture, my family. They are not bad beliefs necessarily. They’ve driven me to be who I am and to where I am in life today. So, all in all, they are beliefs that have served me well.

BUT, with these same beliefs, I also end up lying to myself half the time.

Because… I actually do know how to relax: I make time to nap most days, I cook for fun, I go out with friends for the pure pleasure of connection. I get massages. I even play games…sometimes.

The problem around these beliefs occurs when I judge and punish myself. 

That’s where the reframe can happen and where I want to put my attention this coming August.

  • I do know how to relax and WANT to do just that. 
  • I feel good regardless of how productive I am. 

August is going to be a month of intentional relaxation with or without productivity. What will it look like? I don’t know quite yet. It may look like:

  • less work
  • more reading for pleasure
  • less social media
  • more games (maybe?)
  • less self-judgment
  • more gardening, strolling
  • less thinking
  • more feeling … connecting with my intuition

I promise I will live to tell the tales.

What about you?

How might you be lying to yourself and how can you reframe your beliefs?



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