The Four P’s to Natural Body Weight


I like to simplify life as much as possible.

This includes how I help my clients lose weight, holistically and permanently.

I share with them my simple system, while I help them come up with a strategy that works for their unique life and body.

These four P’s are as simple as it gets if you want to be at your natural weight.


Using your human executive functioning brain to plan your weight loss strategies is essential. We can’t get anywhere if we don’t have a plan. Think of it as a road map (or Siri – GPS on your phone).


With your plan in place, all you’ve got to do is put it into practice. And practice you will. When it comes to weight loss, you get to practice it daily, multiple times a day. The more you practice, the better you’ll get, the easier it will be.


You will hit places where you will want to stop, quit, and abandon your plan. This is normal and to be expected – that’s when persistence is required. That’s when a coach like me comes in with gentle reminders (sometimes not so gentle), questions and encouragement. What you persist exists.


In order to reach your natural weight, and maintain it, patience is definitely required. Sometimes your progress will be slow. Sometimes you may progress backwards. Often, you will be frustrated and impatient. With patience, you can tolerate anything that may sabotage your weight loss and determination. With patience, along with the other Ps, there is no way you can’t achieve your natural weight and maintain it permanently.



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