Intuitive Eating Journey: The Irony


I started helping people manage their weight in 2015 after completing my hypnotherapy training.

The school I went to had a made-for-you weight management program using hypnosis, so I followed their suggestions.

In my fashion, I peppered it with my own flavours, but the one thing I didn’t get to share was my own weight story. I didn’t have one.

As time went on and I learned more about how to help people manage their weight, their eating, and their self-image, it was clear to me that the “regular” way to diet was wrong.

The more we create restrictions, the more we feel deprived, the less successful we are at the weight loss thing.

So I never taught people to restrict. I encouraged them to create a plan that worked for their specific body, lifestyle, likings. I reminded them that whatever they choose to do, they will have to stick with it long term.

I was actually teaching them intuitive eating.

The irony is, as I was helping others, I was in my own diet mentality vortex.

I didn’t know it, but I was myself restricting and creating problems around my body and my weight.

My intuition knew I didn’t have a problem, so I would struggle even more because my mind wanted something different than my body.

I didn’t listen to my own inner knowing. I didn’t see an exit. Heck, I didn’t even think I was ‘on a diet.’!

Sometimes you have to go through the tunnel to get out of the tunnel.

What I gained from my accidental dieting period was a gift of personal experience. I can relate to my clients now more than ever how they feel, what they go through, how I can help them get out.

The irony is a lesson. As hard as it is to admit, and to work out of it, I am grateful for it.

Life on the other side is so much more fun and carefree.

If you’re ready to take the exit, I can show you the way.



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