The Power of Clarity


The year was 2003. The place was Santa Cruz, California.

To be specific, I was at Dominican hospital, in room 1126, on Halloween that year. I had been admitted for pre-term labor at 31 weeks of my twin-pregnancy.

It started with a visit due to regular contractions, and ended with a 6-day hospital stay. I went from being a healthy pregnant lady to a patient recovering from pulmonary edema due to side effects of the medicine that was supposed to stop the contractions.

But that’s not the story I am here to tell you today!

The story I want to share is about the manifestation from my time in the hospital room.

During the 6 day-stay, I had many lovely caregivers and visitors come and go: nurses, doctors, friends and acquaintances. Everyone was encouraging, nurturing and playful. Humor goes a long way when you’re stuck to monitors, IVs, anxiety and fear of the unknown.

One nurse said to me: “Keep them in until Scorpio season is over!” ♏️ That was when I had to learn more about the said astrology sign.

Some people shared premie stories of themselves or people they knew who turned out just fine. One acquaintance shared: “I was only 2 lbs when I was born, and look at me now! They will be fine!”

On the last evening before getting released, a nurse was giving me instructions on what I can and can’t do during the prescribed bed rest until delivery.

“Keep them in as long as you can!” was the repeated advice from everyone including this nurse.

“They’re coming on 11/26, so I’ve got a few weeks,” I confidently declared.

“How do you know?” the nurse was puzzled at my conviction.

“Because that’s the room number I was assigned to, 1126. It’s not a coincidence, right?”

I don’t know why I was so sure, but it was a no brainer. I. Just. Knew.

Funnily enough, after my declaration to the nurse about my children’s birthday, I forgot about it completely.

I went about the business of being on bedrest, mostly following doctor’s instructions. I laid around, ate and slept, read books and watched movies and TV shows for the weeks that followed. It was a rather boring and uneventful period, which was what success needed to look like!

On November 25th, 35.5 weeks along, I had a regular check up with my obstetrician. Our good friend Josh drove me there in his pick up truck because it was in the middle of my husband’s work day. I am sure Josh was nervous every time he looked over at the ginormity of my belly. I was huge, slow, and out of breath.

He dropped me off after confirming that my husband, Jim, would pick me up when the appointment was over.

After some usual blood and urine tests, my OB told me to call Jim right away.

“Tell him to bring your toothbrush, nightgown and anything else you might need. “You’re not going home, mama!”

According to my vitals, I was pre-eclamptic. The only treatment for this possibly very dangerous condition was to deliver the babies.

That’s exactly what happened. After being induced over night, the babies were born the following day, on 11/26!

With all the actions that happened before and after the births of our twins, I neglected to appreciate their birthday date – my prediction manifested. When I had a moment to catch my breath (probably while pumping milk at 3am), I smiled a knowing smile.

Of course they came on 11/26. That’s what I wanted and planned on. It was not a surprise!

This is what I have found in the last many years of being more aware of the mind and intentional with my energy: when we are clear about something we want, we can trust, let go and be prepared to receive.

You know the saying, be careful what you ask for?

If we ask for what we really want, instead of being careful, we get to be grateful.

This is the fun part of life that you, too, can access!!

🍁 Are you willing to ask for what you want?

🍁 Can you be clear about it?

🍁 Can you have fun with believing in it and then trusting that it will show up for you?

I suggest that you start with something small… like an upgrade on the airplane, or more money in the bank (or something more creative).

Be clear and precise on what it is, don’t doubt it and don’t be attached to the outcome.

When it happens to you – and it will – let me know about it! I would love to celebrate your manifestation with you!

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