The Present is the Present

I got terrible news today that one of my acupuncture patients recently passed away.

She and I exchanged emails recently, so I know that she had not been feeling well. Whatever she was fighting won, quickly.

I hope she didn’t experience too much pain, and that she is now resting in peace.

With the pandemic still very much our reality, and working with people to help them live their healthiest life, I am constantly reminded how we can never take health for granted.

Every day that we find ourselves functioning properly, we ought to be tremendously grateful. Health is true wealth.

And yet, it does take a passing of someone you know and love to jolt you out of the hypnotic trance of mundane living into remembering and appreciating, not just health, but LIFE.

We forget that every day is a gift; that the present is a present.

It’s a moment like this that I ask myself:

How am I choosing to live, feel and spend my time?

Am I living my truth or am I living someone else’s?

What are my values and am I honoring them?

What do I really want in this life?

It is easy to forget. It is more important that we remember.

It’s a moment like this, when grieving a loss of someone close to us, that we must remember that the present is the present.

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