Intuitive Eating Journey: Satisfaction Factor

intuitive eating

Do you pause to notice if you feel satisfied after a meal?

Not just if you’re physically full, and emotionally full as well.

Are you satisfied?

If you aren’t, it’s possible that you didn’t eat what you actually wanted to eat. You may have eaten on a run, or eat what you “should” have eaten… but not really want you WANTED to eat.

Or maybe you didn’t need food at all…

When I first heard my husband say “That hits the spot!” after a meal, I didn’t know what it meant. I’m not sure we have that same saying in my mother’s tongue.

But now, I understand completely… if something hits the spot, it means, I got it right!

Feeling satisfied is something only we can feel – from the inside out.

Our mind can trick us in all sorts of ways…but your body does not.

This is when it’s so important to tune in, ask your intuition and allow yourself to pause and FEEL.

What does it feel like to be satisfied?

Are you feeling… warm, grounded, content, comforted.

Can you move on from the meal, the table, the plate, the kitchen, without needing anything else?

If you feed yourself what you actually need, you will be able to feel satisfied.



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