The Years to Change and Grow


Are you in your middle of life years?

Are you a midlifer, an empty nester, an individual who’s gone through a solid chapter, and is now living the next one?

I personally feel that I have made it there. 🥳

Complete with my first colonoscopy (today), I get hot and irritated at random times, have reading glasses in several places of the house, tampons in all the pockets and carry-ons (because I don’t know if or when). There are mornings when I feel like a tin-woman the first hour of waking, and those squats that used to be easy to do?

Not anymore!

If you’re also a mother, this stage of life may find that you don’t know where your children are most of the time (because they don’t live with you anymore). You cry tears of joy (because you raised them to be independent), mixed with tears of sorrow (because you miss them), mixed with tears of terror (because you are definitely out of control now).

And yet… I am excited AND grateful to be here. It is such a privilege to cross over from what I think of as the first growing chapter of my life, into this next one that is beaming with possibilities!

I realize that I am not alone in navigating this challenging middle – peri – menopausal chapter. It comes with physical changes, along with emotional roller coasters. There are questions we have that nobody can answer but ourselves. What we used to think and believe may no longer feel right. We may want to reinvent reality right about now!

In Chinese medicine, this chapter is called the Second Spring, a Yin-deficient time of life, but also an opportunity to change and grow. It’s normal, natural and to be expected. It can also be quite awful, to be yin-depleted.

But it does not have to be so bad.

We can do all kinds of things to build up, rejuvenate and recharge our Yin and flourish into our Second Spring with more joy than we can imagine.

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