The Nudge to Unravel

Sage has been nudging me for a while, but my mind has been resisting the nudge.

I have been stubborn!

Who is Sage and what is the nudge?

Sage is my inner-guidance, inner-voice, inner wisdom.

You’ve got a Sage, too. Everyone does. 

She’s a constant part of my being, always present and always guiding. The challenge is – I don’t always hear her, or obey her advice.

It’s not surprising: we are not taught to listen to our own inner-guiding system. But it’s not a good excuse for me as I KNOW how to tune in, connect and TRUST my inner-voice. That’s what I teach people to do!

This nudge has been about wanting me to live the healthiest life I TRULY enjoy – exactly what I help people achieve in my acupuncture and coaching practice.

Yah – that!

Sage wants me to be honest with myself and acknowledge that I have not been living my own mantra, that I have not been prioritizing my overall health.

You see, I have not been feeling healthy, actually, in my mind or my body.

In these last many months, I have found myself feeling scattered, disorganized, uncomfortable in my own skin. My attention is short; my interests waver frequently and quickly. Physically, old digestive symptoms have returned with a vengeance (I have GERD among others). I also have unpleasant hormonal fluctuations that come with my premenopausal age. Even if these physical symptoms are relatively mild, they have been persistent. More importantly, they are optional. 

Why have I been allowing myself to experience these things?

Is it pandemic fatigue? Is it coming out of winter? Is it stress, age, bad habits?

Yes, yes and yes!

Let’s not make it too complicated, though. The root cause of everything is simple.

I have not been consuming consciously.

As a result of unconscious consumption (inside and out, food and social media), I feel like a ball of yarn that is tangled up, knotted, disorganized, and unusable.

When I was younger, I did a lot of weaving and sewing. I loved creating usable things out of pieces of threads and fabrics. Because of that, I got to spend a lot of time untangling balls of yarn.

I learned to be patient with finding the ends of each mess so I could untangle the knots properly. Though it was time consuming, I experienced true satisfaction from the unraveling.

Satisfaction is what I want to feel again. True satisfaction.

The nudge from Sage is for me to nourish myself differently so I can experience true satisfaction in all the ways.

For the next several weeks, I am giving myself permission to unravel the tangles and knots that have left me feeling stuck and unhealthy.

What does the unraveling look like?

I’m going to nourish the three treasure system that I use to help my clients feel better. Simply, it’s balancing the mind, the body and the intuition.

To nourish the mind, I have decided to get off social media for at least 6 weeks. No apps on the phone. No checking on the computer. Just no social media. I will also limit sources of news and entertainment. Instead of browsing and jumping from place to place, I will stick to just a few.

To nourish the body, I will eat the way that makes me feel good (mostly plant-based, with minimal added sugar and dairy). I am not restricting, but honoring. My mind has a story that I have a sweet tooth; that I should eat whatever I want. Instead of obeying messages from the mind, I want to be intentional about what I consume to make me feel better. I want to eat from my inner-guiding system. I want to eat to be authentically satisfied.

For the intuition, all I have to do is tap into my inner-guide. I can write to Sage, talk to her, listen and respond to her. The key is to TRUST this part of me which is a practice and the best part of the unraveling. The more I learn to trust my intuition, the easier it is to nourish my mind and my body the way that it serves me.

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