Three Steps to End Overeating

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Overeating is consuming more fuel than what our body needs.

If our body were a vehicle, overeating is over-fueling at the gas station.

When was the last time you did that – putting TOO MUCH gas into your car?

Probably never, right?

Overflowing gasoline = not good.

When was the last time you ate when you weren’t hungry, or after you were full?

For a lot of us, probably quite recently. Or perhaps all the time.

Why is it okay to overfeed our bodies?

The consequence of overeating may not show up right away, but in the long run, they aren’t pleasant ones. Overeating leads to weight gain and obesity. And obesity leads to a myriad of health conditions, not to mention all sorts of emotional turmoil.

How can we stop the madness?

You can do it in these three simple steps:

ONE: Ask yourself these three simple questions 

  • Why am I eating — am I hungry?
  • What am I eating — is the food going to fuel me?
  • How am I eating — am I distracted while eating?

TWO: Pause 

  • Spend one moment connecting your mind to your body. This is the only way you can answer those questions above.

THREE: Answer and Decide

  • Answer your three questions, and decide how you want to take action.

The decision you make will determine your consequences: are you going to over-fuel or are you deciding to fuel properly. When you practice the three steps consistently, you can and will end overeating.



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