Trust Your Gut: a free mini course

We are born intuitive eaters.

Our body has all the wisdom we need to ask for food, process the nutrients, grow, move and heal where needed.

We trusted our gut before we had consciousness. Some of us continued on this way, some of us did not.

Nothing went wrong. Nobody did anything bad, or punitive.There’s no need to feel guilt or shame around your eating, or your relationship with food.

The body, your gut, your intuition is always there waiting for you to reconnect if and when you are ready.

How do you know if you are ready? You are ready if you are:

  • fed up with trying to “do the right things” “eat the right foods” “be good and in control.”
  • frustrated with feeling out of control.
  • uncomfortable in your own skin.
  • gaining and losing weight more times than you can count.
  • wanting to stop the food chatter in your mind.
  • wishing to be satisfied with what you eat.
  • desiring to eat like a “normal person.”

Learning to trust your gut with principles from intuitive eating and mindful moving exercises will help you begin your own intuitive eating journey.

I am grateful to have begun my intuitive eating journey many months back. It got me out of a diet mentality that I didn’t even realize I was partaking.

The journey reminds me to look inward instead of outward; to be respect my body instead of critique it; to give myself permission instead of restriction.

I look forward to showing you what it is all about; how to simply get in touch with the inner voice that is always waiting for you, how to trust your gut to make decisions around food and eating.

It’s simple. It’s possible. 

Are you ready to give it a go?


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