Episode 59: Good Reasons to Trust Your Gut with Kit Yoon

In today’s episode, Kit goes over her 5-day mini-course on intuitive eating she had just offered. “Trust Your Gut” touched on the foundations of intuitive eating. During the course, Kit linked the ten intuitive eating principles to the importance of our ability to literally, trust our gut.

Tune in to hear about the origins of intuitive eating, how to take care of your body, respect it, and make it a peaceful and healthy place to live in.

In short, Trust Your Gut helps us wake up, escape diet culture, and believe in ourselves.

What you will hear in this episode:

  • 00:51 – Kit’s take on solo episodes
  • 01:54 – Intuitive Eating, The 5-day Mini-Course
  • 04:07 – What intuitive eating is
  • 11:10 – The 3 key things that help you live intuitively
  • 17:11 – Relation between consumerism and diet culture
  • 21:55 – The eating culture that works for us
  • 25:36 – Start small and trust your gut!
  • 27:34 – Kit’s summary of the episode

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