Episode 67: Unraveling – Taking a Break to Get Healthy, Actually

“It is time to listen to your body!” Kit Yoon

This week’s episode is taking it to a different level. Today, it’s just you and Kit. Our host is sharing personal things, considering her health and mindset, and all about a new experiment – the UNRAVELING.

More specifically, you’ll find out the reason Kit is taking a break, how recent podcast guests inspired Kit to follow the nudges and listen to her inner voice.

Above all, this episode has an array of important questions, which can be summed up in one asked by Tony Robbins:

“Who do you want to be when this is all over?”

What you will hear in this episode:

  • 0:47  – The reason Kit is taking a break
  • 1:46  – UNRAVELING: What is this experiment Kit’s embarking on?
  • 2:13 – The questions we ask ourselves when we aren’t feeling rounded and healthy
  • 4:33  – Gracing Brett, Cathy & Dana: How recent podcasts inspired Kit to follow her nudges
  • 6:29  – The message from Tony Robbins: Who do you want to be when this is all over?
  • 8:23  – The year of Yin Metal Ox: What is the Chinese horoscope telling us?
  • 9:15  – 3 signs for a change
  • 14:16  – Pillars of health: How to focus on few things that will make the most impact
  • 15:19  – 3 simple things Kit plans to do during the UNRAVELING experiment
  • 21:36  – How giving boundaries to your body frees your brain, and vice versa
  • 25:21  – The difference between satisfaction and indulgence
  • 26:12  – What satisfies body, mind, and spirit
  • 26:59  – How to stay in touch with Kit during the UNRAVELING journey

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