We the Women

I can tell you with honesty that going to college with 2,000+ women wasn’t exactly fun for me.

It was hard, actually: I worked harder than I ever did just to keep up, to stay afloat… to belong.

I know I was getting good education, but I’m not sure if it was the kind of college experience one would look forward to or was supposed to have had.


Fast forward to last week during the inauguration of the new US president and first female vice president. All I could think about was how proud I am to BE a woman, to support other women, and to witness the power, strength, and intelligence of WOMEN.

I could have hung out with 2000+ women and been in heaven.

Seeing so many diverse strong, intelligent, capable women that day gave me a renewed surge to fight for our rights, stand up for what’s real, take back what has always been ours.

Freedom. Satisfaction. Ability to do, say, be who we are without needing to comply to expectations.

I want to help remind my generation and the ones before me that we are enough as we are.

I want to help teach young women that they never have to get into the vortex of the shoulds. They are MORE than enough as they are.

It starts with how we think of, talk to and take care of ourselves.

It begins close to home.

With trusting ourselves again. With remembering that we’ve already got all that we need.

Did I learn that from being with 2000+ women in college?


But it doesn’t matter when, where or how.

Now, that’s all I want to focus on. Are you feeling the surge, too?

Are you ready to start trusting yourself, taking care, and taking charge of your life?

I would love to help you!

Schedule a complimentary call with me here, and we will get started!

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