Weight Loss Tools: 1 of 8


You’re ready to lose weight.

No, let me rephrase that: you’ve decided to lose weight. 

You’ve decided to release excess body weight and live in your natural body weight.

We can’t change what we can’t see. 

In my holistic weight loss program, the first weight-loss tool we use is REVIEW.

Reviewing what you’ve been doing is essential to your weight loss success. What you’ve been doing is giving you the body you have today. It will navigate us to the body you want to have in the future.

We review by taking a look at your habits, patterns and beliefs around food and eating.

We review the way you schedule your days.

We review your bodily functions.

We review your challenges and struggles.

We lay it all out to reveal how you will proceed toward becoming a new version of you.

This tool can be daunting especially if you have not been willing, to be honest with yourself.

But if you’ve decided that you will lose weight for the last time to become the version of you that you’d rather live the rest of your life, we’ve got to know where we start so we can go to where you want to be. 

Download the one-sheet and start collecting your daily data!



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