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Now that you are bringing awareness to your daily habits and patterns, another tool you can use to add to your awareness is the different types of eating.

There are four main types of eating: fuel, joy, fog and storm. 

Can you guess which one we have to focus on to lose weight?

It’s the one that is the reason we have to eat at all: fuel eating.

We eat to fuel the body to stay alive.

The other types of eating are not necessary, although, they are to be expected.

Joy, fog and storm eatings mostly happen mindlessly. They usually come from emotional hunger and often leave you with overeating, and even more emotions.

The more joy, fog and storm eating we practice the more likely we will be overweight.

I talk about the four types of eating in this post if you’d like to dig a little deeper.

Practice fuel eating, and be aware of when you find yourself doing the other types of eating.

When you live consciously, you get to live the life you want. 



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