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I say this about every weight loss tool I offer, but this one is particularly true.

Weight loss tool #1 is the Hunger Scale.

The hunger scale is your own internal physical hunger cues that tells you when you are physically hungry and when you are physically satisfied.

The Hunger Scale I teach my weight loss clients goes from zero –> ten.

0  –  1  –  2  –  3  –  4  –  5  –  6  –  7  –  8  –  9  –  10

—–hungry———satisfied————-  full—–

Zero means starvation (you haven’t eaten in days)

Ten means overly stuffed (post Thanksgiving food coma)

Five means happily satisfied (not hungry, not full).

Physically hunger happens between 2-3.

When we tune into our body, ask whether it is hungry, listen and honor its cues, we eat according to what it needs for fuel.

If this is the ONLY tool you use, you will lose your excess body weight and become a naturally thin person. I promise.

I’ve got a free audio download for this particular weight loss tool for you.

It’s a self-hypnosis – meditation audio to help your subconscious brain connect with your true physical hunger cues.

Give it a try. This tool may be all you need.

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