Weight Loss Tools: 4 of 8


This weight loss tool is a big one for me: it changed how I approach eating entirely.

Are you ready for weight loss tool #4?

The tool is: no snacking between meals.

No you won’t die without snacking.

You won’t have low blood pressure.

You won’t be hypoglycemic (unless you have a medical condition that causes that).

What will happen is, you will start calibrating your hunger scale, and will release excess body weight.

Snacking is entirely optional.

If you eat a proper meal when you do, with nutrient dense, nourishing foods, you won’t need a snack.

Even if you are hungry, you don’t need to snack.

But often, we snack without being hungry. Instead…

  • We snack to fill time with an activity.
  • We snack to procrastinate.
  • We snack to not feel a negative emotion (bored, tired, frustrated, sad, overwhelmed, anxious, etc).
  • We snack to entertain ourselves.
  • We snack to be mindless.

Most naturally thin people don’t snack.

If you know someone who’s naturally thin, ask them. They don’t snack – at least not all the time.

Give this tool a try.

Eat proper meals, according to your hunger scale, watch your mind change around food, and experience your body release extra weight naturally.

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