Weight Loss Tools: 7 of 8


We have not talked about this tool yet – a tool that some of you may not even own, want to see, or talk about.

It’s an inanimate object that measures your body parts, your bones, your organs.

It’s one of the best weight loss tools.

It is never necessary but can be oh so helpful.

It’s the scale. 

The scale reads a number which in itself is a neutral fact.

What that number says means nothing about you as a person, your worthiness or lovability.

Somehow, though, we put so much meaning into this number.

Somehow, we use the number on the scale to identity our:

  • health
  • fitness
  • success
  • worthiness
  • strength
  • lovability

A number on the scale does not and should not have that much responsibility!

The number on the scale should be used as a tool to help guide you toward your goal.

As I said earlier, it is never necessary to use it if your weight loss goal has no number attached to it.

But if you choose to use it, you must assign a neutral role to the scale, and have it work for you, not against you.

Stepping on the scale alone can be your first taste of freedom (because not stepping on it is a way to avoid reality, which will keep you stuck at an overweight-dom).

The scale reading is part of your Daily Data.

It’s got no power over you.



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