Weight Loss Tools: 8 of 8

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Another “tool” that can make or break your weight loss goal is all around you: your community.

You can choose who you’d like to include in this community, of course.

It can be just one person (your best friend), a group of people (your friends & family), a hired professional (a coach), or all the above.

It’s using your community to create accountability for yourself so you can lose weight successfully. 

It’s time to involve your community that you care for.

Do you do this for them?

  • show up for them when they need your help.
  • go out of your way to help them feel better.
  • sacrifice time and energy to improve their lives.
  • meet their expectations of you 100% of the time.

If so, why not include these people in your weight loss goals?

Start by creating this community and sharing your intentions. Right away, this creates accountability that will help motivate you.

If you don’t ask, they won’t know. If you don’t reach out, they can’t help. 

I personally benefit from having a coach or an accountability partner of some kind in my life, at all times.

  • They help me see my own mind.
  • They remind me to be clear about my purpose.
  • They pick me up when I attempt to fall.
  • They motivate me when I feel down.
  • They prompt me to show up for them when I don’t want to show up for myself.

Who, in your community, can assume this role for you?

I bet you have several people who would love to be part of your team = your tool to weight loss success.



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