What NOT to eat to lose weight: 5 of 7


To lose weight successfully, don’t eat leftover foods on the plate(s).

I’m talking about your kids’ food.

I’m talking about the last 2 bites of ice cream in the container.

I’m talking about the cookie crumbs, the last few chips in the bag, the one lonely cupcake left from a party.

Unless you are physically hungry, don’t eat these foods. 

Don’t eat the foods that make you feel guilty about throwing away.

“Better in the trash than on your a$$,” might be a good reminder for you.

Also, know that

  • You’re not saving any hungry children by eating those foods. They didn’t get to eat them.
  • You’re only adding to your excess weight that you don’t want in the first place.

So, pause before eating those last few bites, or attempting to not waste food. 

Do you really need them?

If your body is not hungry, the answer is always no.



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