What to NOT eat to lose weight: 1 of 7


If you’ve been following my 30 in 30-day blog posts challenge, you will have learned a few things about weight loss.

Have you noticed that we have not talked much about food yet?

It’s not that I am avoiding it – it’s because weight loss actually does not have much to do with food.



If you are overweight, the reason is not because of food. It’s because of the reasons why you are eating the food. See the difference?

Having said that, the next 7 posts will be about food. Specifically, we will talk about what to NOT eat so that you can lose weight. 

We begin today by addressing the fact that you can actually eat whatever you want, and lose weight. 


Again, truth!

If you only eat when you are hungry, stop when you are satisfied, you can eat whatever you want and weigh your natural body weight.

Restricting foods, going on different fad diets, telling yourself you can’t have certain things will only make you want to eat more.

So today, I am here to tell you that you can eat whatever you want, as long as you tune into your body’s cues for fuel.

What if you can’t follow your body’s cues? 

Then we will discuss that in the posts to come.

For now, give yourself the freedom to eat whatever you want – as long as you tune into your body’s cues.




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