What to NOT eat to lose weight: 2 of 7


What we eat the most that make us gain weight is this: our emotions. 

I know it’s not food per se, but eating our emotions has not given us the results we want.

Emotions are supposed to be felt, not eaten. 

But a lot of these said emotions are challenging, difficult, and painful… so instead of feeling them, we choose to eat them. We use all kinds of foods to help swallow these emotions. Literally.

{Some people choose to drink to swallow them}

It almost does not matter what the food is, as long as it helps distract us from feeling.

Here are the three steps to practice NOT eating your emotions:

  1. Recognize that you are eating your emotions
  2. Identify what the emotion is
  3. Decide to feel it instead of avoiding it

Some common emotions that we don’t like to feel include boredom, anxiety, frustration, fatigue, loneliness, sadness, fear & shame.

Did you know that emotions are merely energy-in-motion? 

This means that emotions can be felt and located in our body as vibrations. Like all energy, it comes and goes, neither created nor destroyed.

We were meant to be able to experience and tolerate any emotion. We just have not practiced it enough to know what to do instead of avoiding.

It feels safer to not feel.

But if not feeling, and avoiding your emotions are giving you extra pounds on your body, is that safe?

Is that comfortable?

Would you not rather let energy-in-motion pass through you instead of swallowing it with foods or drinks that you don’t need?



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