What to NOT eat to lose weight: 3 of 7


Now, let’s talk about foods you should not eat if you really want to lose weight.

Start with this: don’t eat anything that has the word “diet” in it.

“Diet” foods:

  • make you feel “safe” to eat if you want to lose weight.
  • pretend to be better for you with zero-calorie (remember we don’t count calories!).
  • promise weight loss before you even does anything at all (no food can help you lose weight. You get to decide if you will lose weight with your actions).

Not only will these foods contain all kinds of chemicals that could be harmful to your body, but they are also playing with your mindset and inducing the detrimental “diet mentality.”

From diet sodas to diet packaged foods, choose to not buy into the marketing ploy.

Choose nutritious, whole foods to fuel your body – those are the foods that are safe and will help you lose excess body weight.



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