What you need to lose weight: 2 of 7


Did you get rid of the things you don’t need when it comes to weight loss from my previous blog post yet?

Okay, good.

Now let’s talk about the first and most important thing you need to lose weight. 

It’s a feeling that will drive the actions that will give you the weight loss result you are looking for.

You can pick from this list of feelings:

  • Determined
  • Confident
  • Excited
  • Driven
  • Curious
  • Capable
  • Empowered

Which one resonates with you?

Now, there must be a thought that will fuel that feeling.

How can you think of your weight loss success so that you get that feeling you want to use?

It might be:

“I know I can.”

“I am willing to do whatever it takes.”

“I’m so ready to lose this weight.”

“With the right help, I can do it.”

“I’ve done it before, so I will again.”

“There’s no option, I have to do it.”

Or is there another thought that works better for you?

Make it a positive one.

Check-in tomorrow for the next tip of what else you NEED to lose weight.



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