What you need to lose weight: 5 of 7


If you’ve “failed” losing weight in the past, you’ve got to reframe how you treat failure in order to succeed.

Nobody likes to fail, especially the perfectionist in us – she hates failing. She doesn’t even want to get a B. She wants that A, or you know, A+ would be best.

How do I know? Because I have been there!

The fear of failure stops us dead in the track, so what we get is no weight loss.

We keep ourselves from moving forward while feeling pretty terrible about where we are.

What you need to lose weight is to reframe your thoughts around failing.

To bring in my Chinese Medicine background here: failure and success are the yin-yangs of each other. Without one, you can’t have the other.

How you define failure and success depends entirely on you.

What if you need to fail to succeed?

What if failing is your ticket to successful weight loss?

What if you turn your failures into your lessons?

What if the more you fail, the more you succeed?

What if you can’t fail unless you quit?

If you can turn the frown upside down, you can turn your failures into your fortune. 



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