What you need to lose weight: 6 of 7


You need time to lose weight.

I’m not talking about needing more time in the day. No.

I’m talking about needing to allow the time it will take for you to see your results.

Yes, I’m talking about patience. 

Patience is not my strength, is it yours?

It’s a life long belief that I’m “an impatient person.”

But, actually, it’s not always true. I lie to myself.

I can be patient about some things.

I can be patient when I wait for seeds to sprout (because I know I can’t hurry nature).

I can be patient with my children to grow (because I don’t want them to grow too fast).

I can be patient with long plane rides to amazing destinations (because I have no choice).

So, it’s not true that I’m an impatient person.

And it’s possible that I can reframe that identity about myself. 

What if I’m becoming someone who does have patience about most things?

What if I can be patient about what I really want?

What if I allow myself to feel that discomfort of impatience, and know that instant gratification never provides lasting results?

If you trust yourself that you are doing what you can to get what you want, all that is left is patience.

Shifting your belief about patience can and will change your results.



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