What you need to lose weight: 7 of 7


The last thing you need to lose weight is pretty simple.

You need to believe that you can lose weight.

You need to believe that you can weigh your natural body weight sustainably.

You need to believe that you can become a version of yourself who is willing and capable of changing habits and patterns.

You need to not bring your past beliefs around weight loss with you – especially if they are only causing you to doubt and fear.

Old beliefs won’t create a new you. 

You’ve got to create new beliefs.

New beliefs might start off as a dream.

Add to your new beliefs desire, courage and excitement.

Add trust.

Add goals.

See yourself in your natural body weight.

A goal is a dream with a deadline.

That dream is your new belief.

Dream it. Plan it. Act on it.

It’s as good as done.



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