Where Does Food Belong?


Food belongs in the “essential part of living” category because without it, we would not survive.

Our body is designed to require a certain amount of fuel that we get from food to survive, thrive, and reproduce more of ourselves.

We were designed to desire enough food for that reason.

The key word here is desire.

The amount of desire required that we eat food naturally occurs in the form of hunger signal.

When we receive the sense of hunger from our stomach, there will be a desire for us to find food, and eat it.

Once the hunger is satisfied (when our stomach feels full), there is no longer need for more food until we receive that signal again.

However, when eating is signaled by overdesire, we will want more of it, more often.

When there is overdesire of food, we will ignore hunger signals. Instead, we will look for food to satisfy our other needs.

When we desire food for other reasons than to fuel our body, we may require these instead of food:

  • Connection
  • Creativity
  • Comfort
  • Reward
  • Entertainment

These are places where food does not belong.

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