Why you can’t lose weight 2 of 7


A very common reason that you can’t lose weight has to do with one word in your mind.

That word is should. 

When you think you *should* lose weight, you most likely will not succeed.


Because the word should, in your brain, is only a suggestion.

Should means maybe.

Should means an obligation.

Should means someday.

Should does not equal do.

Should does not create an urgency.

Should allows you to procrastinate which means… it may never happen.

If you wonder why you can’t lose weight, ask why you want to lose weight in the first place.

Do you want to lose weight because you should?

Or do you want to lose weight because you choose to do so?

You get to decide!



Next up, I talk about why being a perfectionist is hard for weight loss.

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  1. Sue tysinger says

    That is me. I need to devote my time & energy to what I need first. I should do a lot of things. I’m just so overwhelmed at end of my work day that I just want to curl up in fetal position & shut out the world

    • kityoonlac@gmail.com says

      Dear Sue, if you must take care of yourself first, what would you do for you?

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