Why you can’t lose weight 3 of 7


Are you a perfectionist?

Do you strive to be one?

Do you define yourself as one?

Being a perfectionist, or attempting to achieve perfection in your life, only causes us to stall, procrastinate, and don’t take action.

This very identity is one of the main reasons you can’t lose weight.


When we attempt to achieve perfection,

We are afraid to fail.

We are afraid to feel shame if we don’t succeed. 

We are afraid to be embarrassed if we don’t get to our goal. 

We live in fear of what others think of us. 

Because we are supposed to be perfect.

So we keep convincing ourselves  – why do anything if we might fail, even if we want to.

Join my club – the recovering perfectionist club – and be okay with imperfection.

It’s a club where we learn to:

  • feel self-disappointment
  • what enough without perfection looks like
  • not care about what others think (because we can’t control them anyway)

It’s a club there we accept the gift of imperfection (thank you, Brené Brown).

What if you can’t be perfect at weight loss, BUT you still lose the weight your body doesn’t need?

What if you fail sometimes, but you don’t quit, and still lose the weight you don’t want?

What if you acknowledge that there is no perfection anyway. So you do it regardless.

How would you like to tackle your weight loss, if that’s what you want, without any perfection at all?



Next, I talk about over-eating and how you can overcome it. 

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